Montagnola Republic: summer in the city 

This summer Bologna comes alive with Montagnola Republic, a cultural event that takes place in the charming Montagnola Park.

Become a fixture for the citizens and city visitors, Montagnola Republic offers a variety of activities ranging from live music to theater performances, from art exhibitions to craft markets. In short, a unique opportunity to experience the heart of the city in a different way, immersing yourself in a festive and engaging atmosphere.

Montagnola Republic is committed to redeveloping and enhancing one of the oldest and most fascinating parks in Bologna, transforming it into a pulsating center of culture and creativity. During the festival, the park is filled with sounds, colors and people, creating a welcoming and stimulating environment for all ages.
Summer evenings become a moment of sharing and fun, with a rich and varied program that satisfies the most diverse tastes.

Montagnola Republic: activities for everyone

The Montagnola Republic offers a calendar of events that attracts a diverse audience. Among the most popular activities are live music concerts, ranging from more traditional genres to more contemporary ones, ensuring evenings of pure entertainment.

There is no shortage of theater and dance performances, which bring on stage talented artists and exciting performances.

One of the most characteristic aspects of Montagnola Republic is the presence of craft and vintage markets, where you can find unique and original items.

These markets are a showcase for local artisans and offer the public the opportunity to buy handmade products of great quality.

Here you can find the complete program.

How to reach Montagnola Park from Garage Excelsior

For those who want to participate in the Montagnola Republic, Garage Excelsior is an ideal parking solution.

Located opposite Bologna Central Train Station, Garage Excelsior offers a strategic location for those arriving by car. From here, the Montagnola Park is easily reached on foot in just 5-10 minutes, crossing some of the most characteristic streets of the center.

The route from Garage Excelsior to Parco della Montagnola is short and pleasant. Leaving the car park, just head to Via dell’Indipendenza – one of the main arteries of the city – and follow the signs for the park. The proximity of the parking lot and the festival location allows you to fully enjoy the event without having to worry about traffic or the search for a parking space.

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