Music and events: what to do this weekend in Bologna?

What to do this weekend in Bologna?

Feel at home in Piazza Grande!

Bologna is known for its vibrant nightlife, traditional markets and many cultural attractions.

The priceless cultural and artistic heritage of the city is in fact constantly colored by interesting activities and events hosted by museums, art galleries, theatres, cultural institutions and picturesque clubs.

In the summer months the liveliness of Bologna does not let itself be discouraged by the university break and the arrival of record temperatures. In fact, there are numerous activities promoted in open spaces capable of capturing the curiosity of tourists and residents even when the heat seems unbearable.

Summer in the city? Let’s find out what to do this weekend in Bologna

The capital of Emilia, as we have said, boasts a long history and a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Erudite, Fat and Red, Bologna is in fact famous for its ancient medieval towers, the endless kilometers of arcades, historic squares and Renaissance buildings.

The city is also home to the oldest university in the world, an institution that has contributed to creating a stimulating and interesting academic environment.

Today the cultural aspect of the capital lives in strong harmony with its vivacity, favoring the realization of regular and characteristic events.

Choosing what to do this weekend in Bologna therefore becomes complicated, not because of the lack of offers but rather because of the variety of activities on offer.

First, Bologna is an ideal city to explore on foot. Strolling along its famous arcades, visiting its historic squares such as Piazza Maggiore and Piazza Santo Stefano, or discovering the ancient medieval towers are pleasures that we recommend you try.

Bologna is also famous for its traditional markets: the Mercato di Mezzo, the Mercato delle Erbe and the Mercato Ritrovato famous for the diffusion of colours, scents and flavors typical of our land.

The weekend is an excellent opportunity to taste authentic Bolognese cuisine: Bologna is in fact also famous for its restaurants and trattorias, where it is possible to try local delicacies.

But life in Bologna certainly does not stop after sunset, on the contrary: the Emilian capital is also renowned for its nightlife. During the weekend, explore the city’s many bars, pubs and clubs which offer a wide range of entertainment and live music.

Garage Excelsior: convenient, practical, safe parking in Bologna close to the center

However, the road network in Bologna is not as simple and accessible as the clubs, trattorias and museums of the city, far from it. Once you arrive, finding a parking space in the center of Bologna where you can keep your vehicle without going too far is an almost impossible mission.

For anyone who wants to forget their car for a while and enjoy the city without worries there is Garage Excelsior, the car park in Bologna in front of the Central Station and a stone’s throw from the historic center: a perfect location to experience the city in complete tranquillity.

The car park is spread over two floors and is constantly under video surveillance and guarded.

Furthermore, Garage Excelsior is located immediately outside the dreaded Limited Traffic Zone, an important detail on which to read up adequately before finding any parking space in Bologna.

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