Music Museum of Bologna: It’s (not) only Rock’n’Roll

The Music Museum of Bologna, also known as the International Museum and Library of Music, is an important space dedicated to the history and evolution of music located in Strada Maggiore number 34, inside Palazzo Sanguinetti.

This summer, from 9 June to 10 September, it hosts It’s (not) only Rock’n’Roll, an exhibition dedicated to the artistic collection of Mark Allan, the famous photographer of the Barbican Center in London, one of the nerve centers of international music.

Among Allan’s shots we find Grace Jones, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones.

The museum is open every day except Mondays and admission to the It’s (not) only Rock’n’Roll exhibition is free.

Music Museum of Bologna: collections, events and exhibitions

Bologna, we have mentioned it several times, is a city rich in culture: in the capital of Emilia, music and events follow one another with a pressing rhythm, increasing the vitality and dynamism of the territory.

Among the many titles that Bologna has earned over time, however, not everyone knows that there is also that of “Creative City of Music”, a recognition conferred by UNESCO which in 2006 wanted to reward the long history that links the Emilian capital to the world of music.

The Music Museum of Bologna is the custodian of a musical tradition that is not only classical but also modern and contemporary, a starting point for present and future musical innovations.

In fact, the museum houses a vast collection of historical musical instruments, manuscripts, sheet music, books and objects related to music. Some of the instruments on display date back to very ancient times and allow visitors to explore the evolution of music and its production over the centuries.

Not only that, the museum regularly organizes events, temporary exhibitions and interactive activities to involve the public and explore different aspects of music, its history and its different traditions, promoting music education through educational programs and educational activities aimed at students and young people passionate.

How to reach the museum from Garage Excelsior

The Music Museum of Bologna is located in an area that is difficult to access by car, especially on public holidays when the central areas are not accessible by car.

However, for those who rely on Garage Excelsior, the problem does not exist.

Garage Excelsior is located in front of Bologna Central Station and a stone’s throw from the historic center: a perfect location to experience the city in complete tranquillity.

The car park is spread over two floors and is video monitored and guarded 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, Garage Excelsior is located immediately outside the dreaded Limited Traffic Zone: therefore, there is no danger of receiving fines and warnings in the months following your stay in Bologna.

Once you have parked your car in our car park in the center of Bologna, reaching the music museum will be very simple: 20 minutes on foot (passing through the most colorful streets of the city) or 14 minutes by bus.

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