Parking near Bologna Station: Garage Excelsior

Garage Excelsior is an ideal solution for those looking for parking near the station of Bologna.

Located just a few steps from the central station, this car park offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of those traveling for business or pleasure.

Thanks to its strategic location, Garage Excelsior allows you to leave your car in a protected place, saving you precious time and reducing the stress related to finding a parking space in the chaotic streets of the city center.

The structure is modern and well maintained, with a 24-hour surveillance system that ensures maximum safety for parked vehicles.

A car park near Bologna station and outside the LTZ

One of the major advantages of the Garage Excelsior is its strategic location outside the Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ) of Bologna.

This aspect is particularly important for those who do not have a permit to access the LTZ, as it allows you to reach the parking lot without incurring penalties or having to plan complex routes.

The LTZ of Bologna is known for its strict restrictions aimed at reducing traffic and pollution in the historic center. However, these limitations can create difficulties for those unfamiliar with the city.

By parking at the Garage Excelsior, you avoid the problem of the LTZ, making arrival and departure much easier. A great advantage for tourists and business travelers.
In addition, the proximity of Garage Excelsior to Bologna Central Station facilitates the use of public transport to reach any destination in the city, making parking a practical and convenient solution.

Garage Excelsior is a landmark for travelers

Garage Excelsior is not only a car park, but a real reference point for travelers passing through Bologna.
Its proximity to the central station makes it quick and easy to transfer between private transport and public transport, allowing you to continue your journey smoothly.

For those arriving in the city on business, the Garage Excelsior also offers long-term parking solutions, ideal for those who need to leave the vehicle in a safe place during extended transfers.

Thanks to the flexibility of the rates and the quality of the services offered, Garage Excelsior is confirmed as an excellent choice for those looking for a parking near the station of Bologna, combining convenience, security and convenience.

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