Shopping in Bologna: colourful markets and designer boutiques

Shopping in Bologna is an experience that combines tradition and modernity. Walking under the longest porch in the world, it is almost impossible not to stop at the stalls and boutiques that color the streets.

At the heart of this lively experience is definitely Via Indipendenza, a pulsating artery that winds through the heart of the city. With its designer boutiques, department stores and traditional markets, Via Indipendenza is a paradise for shoppers looking for treasures to discover. 

A journey, that of shopping in Bologna, not without challenges: parking in the center of Bologna without incurring heavy penalties is in fact almost impossible. Garage Excelsior is the perfect solution for those who rely on the car to move around Bologna, let’s find out together why.

Via Indipendenza: the heart of shopping in Bologna

One of the focal points of shopping in Bologna is certainly Via Indipendenza, an elegant artery that connects the central station to the famous Piazza Maggiore.

Along this pedestrian street, visitors can find a wide range of shops, from department stores to designer boutiques. Here, sparkling shop windows mingle with historic architecture, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere for shoppers.

For those who prefer a more traditional experience, Bologna’s colourful markets offer a feast for the senses. First of all the Mercato di Mezzo, located in the heart of the historic center, renowned for its wide selection of local products. Here, among the lively stalls and the seductive smells, visitors can immerse themselves in the Emilian gastronomic culture and bring home an authentic taste of the capital.

Garage Excelsior: a short walk from the historic center and outside the LTZ

For those who want to explore these delights of car shopping, the challenge of limited traffic (extremely rigid during the weekend) can be a significant obstacle.

The narrow streets of the historic center of Bologna are often closed to unauthorized traffic, making it difficult to access the boutiques and markets for visitors with private vehicles. This situation can be a source of frustration for many, especially for those unfamiliar with the rules and alternative paths to follow.

Garage Excelsior is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to reach the city center without the terror of the Limited Traffic Zone.

Garage Excelsior is located in front of Bologna Central Station and a short walk from the historic center: a perfect location to live the city in complete tranquility.

The parking is spread over two floors and is monitored and guarded 24 hours on 24.

In addition, Garage Excelsior is located just outside the dreaded Limited Traffic Zone: no danger of receiving fines and reports in the months following your stay in Bologna. 

Once you discover Garage Excelsior, finding parking in Bologna will no longer be a nightmare!

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