April 25th in Bologna: memories and celebrations

Every year, April 25th in Bologna is a day full of meaning, full of events and events that commemorate the Italian Resistance and the end of the fascist regime. On this occasion, the city dresses up without excluding moments of reflection, to remember the battles and sacrifices of those who fight for freedom and democracy.

Bologna, the beating heart of the Italian Resistance, still preserves traces of a past of heroism and determination. April 25th is a crucial time to honor these values, with ceremonies, parades and meetings involving citizens of all ages.
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Civic engagement and celebrations

The celebrations of April 25th in Bologna are not only a memory of the past, but an invitation to present and future commitment. Every square, every corner of the city , is animated by speeches, shows and exhibitions that retrace the history and highlight the values of freedom , equality and solidarity.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the present, on the challenges that we still face today to preserve the rights gained. April 25th in Bologna is a day of remembrance and celebrations, with the traditional event of Pratello R’Esiste that fills the historic street of meetings on the Resistance, concerts and banquets.

Also this year, to improve the organization and avoid hitches, Mayor Matteo Lepore signed an order to regulate traffic and ensure safety during the event in Pratello, sharing the commitment of local authorities and asking for the collaboration of all participants.

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