Book fair in Bologna: where to park?

Since 1927, the arrival of spring inaugurates the Book Fair in Bologna, a specialized selection of books, distributed over 400 square meters of exhibition space.

The anniversary has gained so much recognition over the years that it today represents an annual event of worldwide fame that attracts publishers, authors, illustrators and book lovers from all over the world; a crucial moment for the international publishing industry.

Walking through Porta Galliera visitors can discover rare and ancient editions, as well as thousands of used or new books at affordable prices, accompanied by a large collection of comics, vintage posters and vinyl.

A meeting between creative minds: attractions and events

The Book Fair in Bologna is not only an opportunity to exhibit the latest publications and trends in the publishing sector but also a meeting place for creative minds.

Publishers, authors, illustrators and literary agents come together to discuss new projects, exchange ideas and inspire each other. This aspect makes the Fair a vital cultural center for the promotion of literature and culture.

With its rich history, its cultural diversity and its constant attention to innovation, the Bologna Book Fair is confirmed as an essential event for anyone involved in the world of books, both as a professional and as a passionate reader.

Book fair in Bologna: park at Garage Excelsior

Garage Excelsior is the parking in Bologna that is located in front of the Central Station and a short walk from the historic center: a perfect location to live the city in complete tranquility .

The parking is spread over two floors and is monitored and guarded 24 hours on 24.

In addition, Garage Excelsior is located just outside the dreaded Limited Traffic Area: no danger of receiving fines and reports in the months following your stay in the city.

For the book fair in Bologna that includes 400 square meters of exhibition space starting from Porta Galliera, Garage Excelsior is the most convenient solution to park your car and reach your destination in just 10 minutes on foot.

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