ArteFiera Bologna: a dive into the world of contemporary art

In the heart of the historic city of Bologna, an annual artistic event stands out as a landmark for lovers of contemporary art: ArteFiera.

This anniversary, which in 2024 turns 50, is held every year at the fairgrounds of the Emilian capital and attracts fans, collectors and professionals from around the world, creating a crossroads of creativity and inspiration.

Artistic innovation: meetings and conferences

During the event – which this year will take place from 2 to 4 February – the historical context of Bologna blends with artistic modernity in a timeless dialogue. The works on display often reflect on universal themes, challenging the boundaries of time and space: the event has precisely this objective, combining the rich cultural heritage of the city and the most avant-garde visions of contemporary art.

The artist becomes an unmissable opportunity to admire extraordinary works but also to learn from the creative minds who conceived them.

Meetings with artists, conferences and debates open the door to a deeper understanding of the motivations and techniques behind each creation. This exchange is facilitated by the meeting of collectors from all over the world who shape the future of contemporary art through their purchase choices.

ArteFiera: traffic and mobility

In addition to the main exhibitions, artefiera often presents a series of side cultural activities, such as artistic performances, film screenings and thematic exhibitions in the historic city center.

This creates a dynamic and stimulating environment and promotes an increase in the flow of visitors, an increase that influences mobility in the city. To address this issue, the public transport service is being upgraded to facilitate the movement of visitors.

In case you prefer to move by your own means, Garage Excelsior is the car park in front of the Bologna Central Station, outside the LTZ and a short walk from the historic center, perfect for this type of event.

Open 7 days a week, constantly guarded and monitored video, Garage Excelsior is spread over two floors ensuring the presence of a considerable number of parking spaces.

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