Bologna 30: avoid stress with Garage Excelsior

From 16 January 2024 Bologna 30 is a reality: the 30 km per hour are in fact officially law on 70% of the streets of the town.

The aim of the project is to make the Emilian capital safer, sustainable and suitable for the elderly and families. However, despite the good intentions, there were disagreements: Bologna is the cultural crossroads of northern Italy and as such is characterized by a limiting and often unpleasant traffic.

The fears related to Bologna 30 are therefore mainly linked to an already complex and now considerably slowed down road network.

Garage Excelsior is the optimal solution for anyone who wants to avoid getting into the city’s traffic, still parking near the old town and outside the LTZ.

Bologna 30: Infovelox and control plans

From the new year in Bologna was introduced the speed limit of 30 km/ h on about 70% of urban roads, with controls carried out through 6 daily patrols engaged in control activities.

Audits focus on vital areas of the city, such as schools, markets and hospitals, prioritizing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The selection of these areas is not random but also takes into account the more than 18,000 reports received from the listening questionnaire on the Città 30 project, with which the people of Bologna indicated the 250 most dangerous roads in the city.

Bright “infocameras” indicate real-time speed, while “telelasers” detect and sanction violations. Fixed speed cameras on the roads at 30 km/h are excluded, reserved for those at 50 km/h.

Garage Excelsior: a short walk from the historic center and outside the LTZ

Opposite the Central Station and a short walk from the historic center, Garage Excelsior is the most convenient and safe solution for parking in Bologna. Events, fairs, business appointments, city visits: leave your car in our garage and enjoy Bologna in peace.

Strategically located outside the LTZ, Garage Excelsior is easily accessible from different areas of the city. Its favorable location allows visitors to park without having to cross the LTZ, saving time and worries. In addition, the proximity to the main points of interest and public transport makes it a convenient choice for anyone visiting Bologna.

source: Municipality of Bologna

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