Erudite, fat and red: what to do in Bologna in one day?

Bologna has earned an infinite series of monikers over the centuries.

The oldest university in the world made it Erudite, its unparalleled culinary tradition made it Fat, while the splendid bright color of its bricks made it Red.

If all the other Italian cities are characterized by at least one nickname, Bologna breaks down every record, even earning three.

And yet, this is not the only finish line that the Emilian capital has crossed before everyone else.

Indeed, Bologna is as fast as a Lamborghini, as elegant as a Ducati, as protective as 62 km of arcades and as mysterious as only Seven Hidden Secrets can be.

You will therefore have to beat the next record: decide what to do in Bologna in one day, already knowing, even before leaving, that you will be forced to return.

The Bolognese tradition: immerse yourself in a sea of ​​flavours

Deciding what to do in Bologna in one day is almost impossible.

What is certain is that you cannot leave the Emilian capital without having tried at least one of its famous typical dishes.

After leaving your car at the Garage Excelsior, head towards Via Indipendenza to reach Piazza Maggiore and let yourself be enchanted by the various aromas and flavours.

In the hidden side streets of Via degli Orefici, also known as Jazz Street, a mere 18-minute walk from our car park, you can let yourself be pampered by a thousand different aromas.

From the wonderful flowers in Via Clavature, to the tasty pasta dishes (filled or not), rigorously hand-rolled by the famous Bolognese azdore (local vernacular for “ladies who hand-make pasta”), let yourself be overwhelmed by the lively Bolognese setting that will satisfy your every need.

What to do in Bologna in one day: exhibitions and events

In addition to the tasty culinary specialties of the area, Bologna offers numerous activities in which to participate, at any time of the year.

Exhibitions, shows, fairs, festivals and reviews constantly enliven the already lively spirit of the Erudite city, making it the perfect place to spend an unforgettable day.

Several are the most visited points of interest: from the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna to the Teatro Comunale, from Palazzo Albergati to the Archiginnasio.

And yet, in Bologna, there is no need to do great things. The birth of the oldest university in the world and the constant presence of university students from the Alma Mater have made the city a heterogeneous accumulation of different and wonderful cultures.

Students who move to the Emilian capital just to learn, kids who can’t leave it anymore, professionals who stay for years for work and people who, after thinking about what to do in Bologna in one day, fall in love with it and stay forever.

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