Garage Excelsior: where to park in Bologna

If you have been to Bologna at least once, you have surely fallen in love with the red roofs, the widespread scent of the famous Emilian cuisine and the openness of a city rich in history and culture, easily visited on foot or by public transport.

On the other hand, what may have made you turn up your nose (and not a little) is the difficulty of finding a secure car park, maybe even outside the Restricted Traffic Zone, the so-called ZTL but still close to the historic center.

What if we told you that you no longer have to go crazy figuring out where to park in Bologna?

Garage Excelsior is in front of the Bologna station

Garage Excelsior is located in front of Bologna Central Station and a stone’s throw from the historic center: a perfect location to experience the city in complete tranquillity.

The car park is spread over two floors and is constantly under video surveillance and guarded.

There are also many additional services: car sanitization, inside/out hand-car washing and possible battery jump-start.

Furthermore, Garage Excelsior is located immediately outside the above mentioned, dreaded Limited Traffic Area, an important detail on which to read up adequately before finding any parking space in Bologna.

Mobility in Bologna: where to park in Bologna

Bologna is a very busy city and characterized by a strong presence of restricted traffic areas.

The mobility system is therefore far from obvious and often causes quite a few problems for those who choose to spend a few hours in the Emilian capital.

To understand where to park in Bologna, it is therefore important to find out about the accessibility of certain areas of the city center by car, in order to avoid fines and contraventions.

In addition to this easily avoidable risk, it is important to pay attention to road signs and indications near the parking areas.
While the blue lines sparking spaces are subject to payment from 8.00 to 20.00, the spaces delimited by the white lines are not free but dedicated to residents.

Entering the historic center and figuring out where to park in Bologna can therefore be incredibly risky. However, thanks to Garage Excelsior you will never have this kind of problem: leave your car in our car park and enjoy Bologna in peace.

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