New Year’s Eve in Bologna: traditions and entertainment

Why spend New Year’s Eve in Bologna? Simple!

The atmosphere is festive, good food is not lacking, events and entertainment are not lacking and everything is framed under beautiful fireworks.

The center is filled with people and music waiting to welcome the new year. The streets, arcades and ancient buildings illuminated by warm lights and soffuse create an evocative atmosphere, full of views to admire and photograph.

You can feel the warmth of a living city and that of a community gathered in celebration.

What to do in Bologna on New Year’s Eve

Are you thinking of spending New Year’s Eve in Bologna and are you looking for ideas on how to spend the evening? Whatever your interests in Bologna, you are spoilt for choice.

Do not miss the bonfire in Piazza Maggiore, where at midnight the so-called “Vecchione” is burned, a sculpture made every year by a different artist, symbolically representing the old year to which they say goodbye. A tradition of the city that always attracts many people, Bologna and not.

For those who want to spend a quiet evening of entertainment we recommend to consult the programming of the theaters, in particular the Arena del Sole, the Celebrations, the Duse and the Europa Auditorium. The offerta is wide and there are shows for all tastes.

If you want to wait until midnight in a club, to the rhythm of music we recommend you book in the pubs of the center, the fun is guaranteed. Alternatively, if you are looking for the energetic atmosphere of the nightclubs, the city offre numerous options, including the Matis, the Numa, the Millenium, the Locomotiv and the Cassero, each with its exclusive festive proposal to welcome the new year.

In this sparkling treasure trove of tradition, gastronomy and fun, spending New Year’s Eve in Bologna is a unique experience. An unforgettable way to greet the new year by immersing yourself in the enchanting historical setting and the warm hospitality of the “Grassa” Emilian city.

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